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OxyChem Environment, Safety & Sustainability

Thoughtfully developing and manufacturing essential chemicals

For today and for future generations

At Oxy, business success in the global marketplace starts with responsible, safe operations, and environmental stewardship, today and for years to come. 我们努力成为首选合作伙伴®,专注于不可或缺的化学品和可持续的解决方案,有效地为客户带来创新的化学品. We work with the highest integrity, 在遵守和尊重我们生活和经营的社区的文化中, while protecting the environment where we operate and beyond. And by helping design and implement innovative, scalable solutions for global carbon management, we accelerate the successful transition to a low-carbon future.

A Clear Vision for Clean Water


2025 Sustainability Goals


Safety and Stewardship Focus


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OxyChem has tailored its health, environment, 安全和安保管理体系,以纳入美国化学理事会的责任关怀®倡议的要素. The program is structured around a set of required HES&其中许多项目的规模超出了目前政府的要求.  The four basic commitments required of Responsible Care® companies are:

  • Implementing the Responsible Care® Security Code;
  • Applying a modern HES&S management system to achieve goals and verify results;
  • Measuring and publicly reporting on HES&S performance;
  • 获得独立的认证,证明管理体系已就位并按专业标准运作.

Specific Responsible Care® activities include: implementation of management systems that must be regularly verified by independent auditors; measurement and tracking of performance through established HES&S metrics; and extending best practices to business partners. 氧化工厂也定期参加社区顾问团,讨论HES&S improvements, performance and other items of interest.

奥施化学致力于推进化工产品和工艺的安全管理, and continually strives to ensure safe production, distribution, use and disposal of its products.

For a comprehensive review of Responsible Care, visit


OxyChem长期致力于保护人类和环境. We believe in safety, health and security excellence, environmental stewardship, and high ethical standards. 这些关键因素是我们对社会负责和可持续经营的基础.

We are respectful of the environment and the well-being of our employees, contractors, neighbors and other stakeholders. 我们致力于保持我们的设施安全,并保持符合所有适用的健康, environmental, safety and security laws and regulations.

The following principles are the foundation of our operating philosophy:

  • Striving to be an industry leader through utilization of HES&S系统、程序、工作惯例和员工培训,以不断提高his&S performance.
  • Designing, constructing, operating and maintaining our facilities in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.
  • 促进预防污染、减少废物和负责任地管理废物.
  • Efficiently using energy and natural resources.
  • Protecting our facilities, personnel, 和社区确保安全可靠的运营以及持续的产品供应.
  • Supporting a HES&在美国文化中,所有人都可以自由行使“停工权”,而不会受到影响或报复.
  • 提供信息和教育,以促进安全处理,使用和处置我们的产品.
  • Maintaining dialogue with our communities and key stakeholders about HES&S performance and initiatives.
  • 在可持续发展方面与利益相关方合作,确保我们的化学品在保护公众健康和环境的同时为社会带来改善生活的价值.
  • 确保关键知识在公司内部保留,以持续提升高水平的健康信息系统&S performance.

Exemplary commitment to these principles is integral to our success. Above all, we strive to improve HES&通过敬业的领导和所有员工和承包商的参与和问责制,实现卓越的绩效.


OxyChem致力于高道德标准和保护健康, safety and the environment. Product stewardship is one of the cornerstones of OxyChem's business, 多年来,公司严格的程序帮助我们赢得了业内最安全生产商之一的声誉. OxyChem的产品管理系统有助于确保我们的产品在全球范围内的安全和知识使用,并普遍遵守与产品相关的法规.

Product Stewardship

OxyChem是北美领先的PVC树脂制造商和销售商, basic chemicals such as chlorine and caustic soda, and various specialty chemical products. As a manufacturer and marketer of commodity and specialty chemicals, OxyChem generally does not sell directly to end-users, but instead sells its products to other manufacturers and distributors.

OxyChem遵守旨在提高产品安全性的化学产品法规, including the U.S. 环境保护署(EPA)农药产品注册计划和有毒物质控制法, the European Union’s REACH (Registration, 化学品的评估、授权和限制)和CLP(分类), Labelling and Packaging) regulations, 以及世界各地的许多其他化学品监管框架. OxyChem also participates in voluntary initiatives, including the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® program, 需要实施责任关怀®产品安全规范.

Toxic Substances Control Act

《威廉希尔中文版》(TSCA)对所有在生产过程中可能造成不合理的健康或环境风险的现有和新的商业物质进行管制, processing, import, export, use or disposal. 任何进口或生产不在清单上的新物质的人必须在生产或进口前通知EPA. Most OxyChem products are regulated by TSCA as existing chemicals. Occasionally, 将引入新产品,并向EPA提交适当的生产前通知(PMN). OxyChem's product stewardship initiatives, 工厂环境和新化学品开发人员管理公司合规性.

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)

OxyChem produces sanitizers and water treatment products, including pesticide-grade chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chlorite and ACL® chlorinated isocyanurates. 这些产品在美国被FIFRA规定为农药,必须在EPA和州机构注册. OxyChem通过EPA批准用途的标签提供产品农药应用的全面信息, safety data sheets (SDS), and product handbooks and bulletins.

International Regulations

OxyChem监督国际法规,以确保OxyChem及其客户的商业合规性. 法规通常包括有关物理特性的产品通知, toxicology, environmental fate, use, handling and disposal. 产品通过西方化学比利时BVBA销售到欧盟, the only representative of OxyChem, are compliant with the EU REACH and CLP regulations.

Safety Data Sheets

OxyChem为每一种进口产品维护一个安全数据表(SDS)数据库, exported, produced or used by OxyChem. 北美sds旨在满足美国OSHA危害沟通标准的要求, as well as similar standards in Canada. 为出口到美国以外地区的产品创建单独的本地兼容的sds. SDSs are updated regularly and available to the public through our SDS Search, by request at or by calling (972) 404-3245.

Product Labeling

OxyChem产品标签为工人提供安全处理和使用危险化学品的准确信息,并符合适用的监管标准, 包括美国的OSHA危害沟通标准要求和美国以外适用的当地要求. Product information includes hazard warnings, precautions, first aid, safe transport, storage and disposal information.

Product Safety

Integral to the product stewardship effort, 通过实施责任关怀®产品安全规范,奥施化学展示了其对产品安全的承诺. 奥施化学为其生产的产品和主要二次材料建立了风险管理程序. 每种化学品的风险评估是基于对其构成的危害及其接触可能性的分析. Using this strategy, products are evaluated and prioritized for potential adverse effects, and risk-reduction practices are implemented, 例如推荐个人防护装备,并为客户提供额外的技术支持.

OxyChem’s Product Risk Assessment Process


OxyChem通过培训和提供信息安全数据表(SDS)来促进其产品的安全使用和处理。, handbooks, videos and product technical data. As part of OxyChem's commitment to Responsible Care®, 我们已经为我们的高优先级和核心化学品开发了产品管理摘要. The following Product Stewardship Summaries are currently available:


如果您有任何问题或需要更多关于OxyChem产品管理计划的信息, please contact:

Christopher Ostman
Director, Product Stewardship
(972) 404-2402


Awards and Recognition


2021 American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Awards

  • 13 Energy Efficiency/Waste Minimization Awards
  • 18 Facility Safety Awards

2020 American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Awards

  • 4 Waste Minimization Reuse and Recycling Awards
  • 11 Energy Efficiency Awards
  • 18 Facility Safety Awards (Excellence & Achievement)

2020 ACC Sustainability Leadership Award

  • Societal Contributions through Water Mission Partnership

2020 Texas Chemistry Council Safety Awards

  • Dr. Sam Mannan Award for Zero Process Safety Incidents

Caring for Texas Award Winners

  •  La Porte VCM Plant
  •  Deer Park VCM
  •  Deer Park PVC/KOH
  •  Ingleside
  •  Pasadena PVC Plant


  • 2021 Gold Sustainability Rating
  • 2019 Silver Sustainability Rating

OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs

  • Star Status, the highest possible rating, awarded to 17 facilities

Vinyl Institute and +Vantage Vinyl™ Awards

  • 2021 Green Circle Certification for Sustainability
  • 2021 Social Impact Sustainability Award
  • 2020 Above & Beyond Sustainability Award
  • 2019 Above & Beyond Sustainability Award

Wildlife Habitat Council

  • Wildlife at Work℠ certification awarded to employees at two facilities

Rail Safety

Much of OxyChem’s products are delivered to customers via rail service. 铁路安全是奥施化学的首要任务,该公司经常因其持续的安全成就而得到铁路行业的认可. 这些奖项是对OxyChem通过铁路安全运输危险材料的认可.

  • 2021 BNSF Railway (BNSF) Product Stewardship Award
  • 2021 Canadian National Railway (CN) Safe Handling Award
  • 2021 Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) Safe Shipper Award
  • 2021 CSX Transportation (CSX) Chemical Safety Excellence Award
  • 2021 Kansas City Southern (KCS) Hazardous Material Shipper Safety Award
  • 2021 Norfolk Southern (NS) Thoroughbred Chemical Safety Award

Private Carriage Safety

OxyChem的私人运输车队每年在美国各地行驶超过250万英里.S. 为我们的客户提供产品,并因其出色的公路安全性能而经常得到认可. In 2021, our Wichita, 位于堪萨斯州的私人运输车队获得了堪萨斯州汽车运输协会的多个奖项.

  • 2020 Outstanding Highway Safety Performance Award
  • 拥有最佳整体安全记录的2020年小型船队安全大奖
  • 私营运输车和油罐车部门获得2020年公路安全成就奖

Industry Engagement & Partnerships


American Chemistry Council

30多年来,OxyChem一直是ACC的认证成员,符合严格的责任关怀®指导方针. We are a four-time winner of the ACC’s top safety performance award, including the 2015 Responsible Care® Company of the Year award, in recognition of OxyChem's outstanding achievements in environmental, health, safety and security performance.

Chlorine Institute

OxyChem has been a core member of the Chlorine Institute since 1924. 氯气研究所支持氯碱工业推进安全, secure, environmentally compatible, and sustainable production, distribution, and use of its mission chemicals. OxyChem在支持氯研究所战略计划(HES)的所有四个问题团队中发挥着关键作用&S, Transportation, Product Stewardship and Emergency Preparedness.


EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings, 由于奥施化学在环境方面的出色表现,奥施化学在可持续发展方面的领导地位获得了黄金评级, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement categories. 我们致力于通过关键的可持续发展举措来实现我们的可持续发展目标,这使我们的评级从银牌提升到金牌,使奥施化学成为全球同行业中可持续发展绩效最高的4%的公司之一.

Texas Chemical Council

OxyChem is a member of the Texas Chemical Council, 该公司专注于发展改善全球数十亿人生活的化学品. OxyChem patriciates in safety, 环境和可持续发展委员会,通过创新和政策促进行业的积极影响. 奥施化学在安全和环境绩效方面屡获殊荣,继续成为行业的领导者.

Vantage Vinyl

OxyChem is a Vantage Vinyl certified company through the Vinyl Institute. 由于我们在可持续发展方面的领导地位和超出Vantage Vinyl可持续发展认证要求的表现,我们连续两年获得Vantage Vinyl可持续发展奖.